master of shoemaking

Franco Rivolta

It all began with the first atelier, opened by Enrico Rivolta in 1883 in Via del Gesù, Milan. Calzoleria Rivolta soon made a name for itself, thanks to its exquisitely handcrafted bespoke shoes, using the most refined cobbling techniques. Before WW II, the atelier was moved to Via Verri by Enrico’s son, Franco Rivolta.

The economic boom

The 60's

During the fervid years of the reconstruction and the economic boom of the ‘60s, Rivolta made to measure shoes became the ultimate in masculine elegance. In addition to many of the leading Milanese aristocratic and bourgeois families and cultural figures, clients came from all over Italy, and many aficionados from overseas followed suit as well, especially from the UK.


Calzoleria Rivolta

Today Fabrizio Rivolta, a direct descendant of Enrico and Franco, continues the family tradition, always in the heart of Milan, in Via della Spiga 17.